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You’ve been curious a while. Am I your cameo lover? If you’re looking to skip traditional dinner conversation and move onto things that get under your skin, find me.

We’ll adventure out; or stay in, discuss philosophy and massage out the knots in your neck. We can become other characters, or play with pain. Let’s taste a little, braintease a little, and make breakfast in our underwear.

welcome home.

Companion is the word that suits me best. Many others are used in this online world– escort, elite, courtesan, whore, independent, VIP– and I love them all in other contexts. A companion is, at the foundation, a friend. A companion laughs mostly with you, sometimes at you, and questions all of your questions. She dares to smile, tackle you onto the bed, make a mess. She can sit in silent comfort or comfort you silently. You and she escapes together. I hope to be that ‘she’ for you here.

The most important thing is that this can be a space removed. It is ephemeral– the endorphins last, new ideas continue, the tokens of a vacation may stay, but there is love without possession, without residue. When an adventure begins with openness, intimacy, and the acceptance of impermanence, two friends have only to laugh and discover. Why don’t you say hello?

Sincerely,Anais yeung

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